Return of driving licence

Do you want to get your withheld driving licence back?

The basic condition is you are no more disqualified from driving.

Fill in an application form a health certificate form. Both forms can be found on our website: "Application form". Get both forms signed by your general practitioner. You have also to present your driver´s record history search for your tests (not through a Czech-point branch) and if you were under a ban of driving imposed by a court, you have also to present a court ruling. If your driving licence was withheld after you collecting 12 penalty points, you must undergo a traffic-psychological examination with a psychologist.

And then you can sit for a final driving test in a scope of an appropriate driving licence you want to get back.

Final practical driving test consists of a theory test and a practical driving test. We recommend all our applicants to buy at least one refresher driving lesson even if you consider yourself a good driver. Anyway, a test is only a test and you have to prepare yourself for the test very well.

You can also find a reference to websites of Ministry of Traffic on the website of our driving school where you can practise e-tests and a theory test.